Stellate Ganglion Block

This injection targets the Stellate Ganglion – a bundle of sympathetic nerves in the region of your neck. These nerves travel along both sides of your spine and are responsible for controlling bodily functions that we have no manual control over. The Stellate Ganglion in particular assists with functions such as eye dilation, sweating and heart rate. When nerves are compressed or other issues may be arising in this area, a nerve block will assist your doctor in identifying and treating whatever issue may be affecting you.

To perform the injection, the patient is relaxed and lies on their back. A needle carefully inserted into the neck and guided towards the nerves of the stellate ganglion. A fluoroscope will likely be used by the doctor, as this device will help them better visualize what’s happening beneath the skin and assure that the needle is placed in the perfect location. Once confirmed, the medication is injected which numbs the nerves – reducing inflammation. This can relieve pain, as well as help the doctor more easily examine and determine other issues involving this bundle of nerves.

Following this type of nerve block, many people experience temporary side effects that, while they may seem strange, are completely normal and expected. In some cases, the arm on the same side may feel excessively warm or a tingling sensation. Others may suffer from nasal congestion, the feeling of an eye sagging, or excessive blushing. These effects will fade after a few hours.

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