Genicular Nerve Block

Genicular nerves are those nerves that travel from the spine to the knee, and can transmit the sensation of pain when the knee has been affected by degeneration.

The Genicular Nerve Block, or G-Block, is a method that gives an individual a period of short-term pain relief from their knee issues. While the pain will return, undergoing a Genicular Nerve Block can help determine if the individual is a candidate for a Genicular Nerve Ablation – which is a longer-term solution to staving off knee pain

In this procedure, the doctor will use a fluoroscope to guide a needle towards the targeted nerve that is causing the transmission of pain. Anesthesia is injected into the nerve, which numbs it and will subside the painful sensation for a short time. The injection is then performed on 2 additional nerves, for a total of three injections.

When complete, the patient should feel pain relief almost immediately due to the numbness caused by the anesthesia. They may return home, with supervision, and should be able to walk or stand without issue.

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