Scoliosis is defined by an abnormal curvature of the spine. The condition is most commonly developed during early childhood – though the direct cause is usually not understood. Doctors believe genetics may play a role, though it may also be caused by a birth defect, spinal injury or neuromuscular conditions.

Generally, the condition will develop gradually before a child hits puberty. Most children may not realize anything is wrong, as Scoliosis is generally not painful, especially in the earliest stages. Parents may also fail to notice such a small abnormality in the spine until it develops to a certain level that cannot go unnoticed.

In most cases, a spine suffering from Scoliosis will curve sideways – into a C or an S shape when viewed from behind. As the condition develops, the person’s shoulders and hips could become uneven, or one shoulder blade may stick out a considerable amount more than the other.

Boy resting after sports training
Playful faimly outdoors walking

Severe cases of Scoliosis could cause the spine to twist. While this may cause pain, it may cause much more serious issues with the functionality of the rest of the body. A serious case could cause the ribcage to be uneven, and may affect the lungs’ capacity to expand – resulting in difficulty breathing.

Most cases of Scoliosis do not need treatment, though the condition may be monitored closely to prevent it from getting worse. A doctor may recommend an orthopedic brace to prevent further curving. If the case is more severe, spinal fusion surgery may be an option needed to properly stabilize the spine.

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