Epidural Steroid Injection

To combat pinched nerves in the neck, shoulder, or arms an injection called a Cervical Epidural may be used in the Cervical region of the spine. These nerves may become compressed for a variety of reasons, such as a herniated disc or spinal stenosis. This procedure allows your doctor to inject an anti-inflammatory steroid that is absorbed by the nerves in order to reduce both swelling and pressure.

To begin, the patient will lay down and be given sedation to relax or go to sleep. An area of the neck will be numbed, and a needle will be guided into the skin with assistance via an x-ray or fluoroscope. The target is the epidural space, or the region through which spinal nerves travel. Once in, the doctor will inject the steroid, remove the needle and patch up the injection site with a bandage.

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When the patient wakes up a short while later, they will need some time to readjust, get some food or water in them, and then be ready to be taken home with some home-care instructions. In many cases, just one Cervical Epidural should be enough ro relieve the pain and issues caused by the pinched nerve, but in others multiple injections may be required spaced a few weeks apart. By actively participating in your own treatment and giving the doctor honest updates about how you’re feeling, you can be sure that you’re properly on the way to being pain-free.

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