Post Laminectomy Syndrome

Post Laminectomy Syndrome, also known as Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, is a chronic pain that may develop in some individuals following spinal surgery.

This condition generally develops following a laminectomy – which is a removal of bone at the rate of vertebrae that’s performed to relieve pressure that’s being placed on the spinal nerves.

Despite the procedure, bone or soft tissue may still shift and continue to press on spinal nerves after its’ complete. Scar tissue may form, or joints may become inflamed. Any of these conditions occurring and the pain that comes with them results in Post Laminectomy Syndrome.

Effects of Post Laminectomy Syndrome may include:

  • Pain at the surgery site on your back
  • Radiating pain along the lower back or legs
  • Pain that may be sharp, dull or achy

Treatment entirely depends on the exact cause of the condition, along with severity. Possible options include medication, particular injections, or physical therapy. Maybe electrical nerves stimulation or other techniques. Surgery may

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