Sciatica is an irritation or compression of nerve roots, commonly in the lumbar section of the spine. It is a possible result of issues with bones and tissues of the lumbar column. The nerves of this section of the spine travel to the lower body, which means symptoms of Sciatica may show up around these areas. Possible causes include:

Herniated Disc 

An eruption in the outer wall of a disc that protects and provides support between vertebrae in which the bulge may press harmfully against a nerve root.

Degenerative Disc Disease

A degeneration or weakness of a spinal disc, which allows bones to shift out of position.

Spinal Stenosis

When bones discs or joints degenerate, bony spurs may form as a result of bones beginning to rub against one another. Bone spurs push into the spinal canal, and create harmful pressure against nerve roots

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Nerve root injury may happen at any vertebrae in the lumbar, or at the top level of the sacrum (S1). Symptoms include pain, numbness or tingling depending on the level of the injury, or what vertebrae is affected:

  • L2 – Thigh pain, hip weakness
  • L3 – Thigh pain, knee and thigh weakness
  • L4 – Pain from lower back to foot, and foot weakness
  • L5 – Pain from the outer leg to the top of the foot, and foot weakness
  • S1 – Pain from the calf to the outer foot, and foot weakness

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