You may have heard the term ‘arthritis’ before – but did you know that there isn’t just one single form of this condition? Rather, arthritis refers to pain or disease in the joints throughout the body. When the cartilage that protects our joints and allows them to move freely wears away, different forms of arthritis may set in and begin causing issues.

Arthritis of the Hip

When suffering from arthritis of the hip, many people may feel a stiffness in the hip, or difficulty moving around. When cartilage wears away, the bones in the hip begin rubbing directly against one another, which causes pain both immediate and prolonged. Pain may be worsened on long walks, or while going up and down stairs. Pain is often felt in the groin area, though may extend throughout the lower body as far down as the knee.

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Arthritis of the Knee

The knee is one of the most common locations for arthritis to develop. The area where the three main bones of the knee meet – the femur, tibia and patella – is covered in cartilage, and is supported by the meniscus, which act as shock absorbers to help support the joint. In the most common form of arthritis, the cartilage may wear away, and prevent the knee joint from working as intended. Symptoms may include pain in the knee, feeling of the knee locking up or stiffening, or weakness or buckling when trying to stand or walk.

The exact form and cause of your arthritis, regardless of location, will always be determined before treatment begins. While there is no outright cure for the condition, there are several ways to treat arthritis in order to reduce the pain it causes or return the joint’s functionality including medication, physical therapy or certain types of braces – depending on your situation.

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