Whiplash Headache

Whiplash occurs when your neck is suddenly and violently ‘whipped’ back and forth quickly. Whiplash is commonly suffered following a rear-end auto accident – where your head is very prone to a sudden back and forth movement.

Following an injury, a chronic headache may develop. While the headache is a result of the injury, the direct cause is unknown. Possible causes include damaged joints or discs in your neck, or the inflammation of soft tissue. When the issue arises is different per case as well. A whiplash headache may begin and persist immediately after the injury – or it may show up hours, days or weeks later.

Generally, the pain caused by a whiplash headache will be felt at the base of the skull, and travel or radiate all the way up to the top of the head. The headache may go away after a short period of time – but it may even persist for years.

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Treatment for the headache generally involves anti-inflammatory medication or muscle relaxing medication. Physical therapy may be used, or a cervical collar may need to be worn for a short time. Minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic spinal injection is also a very viable option.

A whiplash headache can make your day-to-day life more difficult. While dealing with the issue you may have to adjust your daily activities to prevent the headache from growing worse. Rest assured, the dedicated team of physicians at the Center for Spine and Pain Medicine are with you every step of the way to help you protect your head and return to an active lifestyle!

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