Chronic Pancreatitis

The pancreas is a long gland that sits in the upper abdomen, just behind the stomach. It’s responsible for helping your stomach digest, as well as controlling the way that your body regulates and processes sugar.

Pancreatitis, as in the name, is an inflammation of the pancreas that can cause immediate pain and may cause permanent damage if left unchecked. This occurs when the enzymes created for digestion activate too soon, causing damage and a loss of proper function. Causes for pancreatitis may include:

  • Alcoholism
  • Obesity
  • Infection
  • Genetics
  • Cancer
  • Surgery
  • Gallstones
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In many cases, chronic pancreatitis is a result of multiple instances of acute pancreatitis over time. Once chronic, the condition persists for many years as opposed to a few days at a time. In addition to conditions such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal tenderness and weight loss, chronic pancreatitis causes pain that:

  • Occurs in the upper abdomen
  • May radiate to the back
  • May worsen after eating or drinking

When visiting the Center for Spine & Pain Medicine for help managing the pain caused by chronic pancreatitis, our dedicated team of professionals will work closely with you to find the method that works best for your situation. In many cases, a nerve block may be effective in keeping the pain in check, while in others guidance on lifestyle and diet changes may be effective for you in the long run.

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