Vertebral Fractures

A Vertebral Fracture is a fracture that results in the collapse of a vertebral bone, most commonly near the mid or lower back. Depending on the situation, a fracture may affect one or many vertebrae at a time.

In many cases, vertebral fractures develop due to osteoporosis – a condition that causes the loss of bone density. For individuals with osteoporosis, normal activities can place a greater strain on the body as a whole, and may damage one or many vertebrae just by going about daily mundane activities.

Additionally, a vertebral fracture may be the result of a traumatic injury, or from the pressure a tumor places on the bone when suffering from spinal cancer.

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Symptoms of a vertebral fracture may include:

  • Severe pain when resulting from a sudden, full fracture
  • Mild pain when the fracture is gradual
  • Loss of height over time.
  • Stooped or leaning posture
  • Misshapen spine
  • Difficulty walking
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control

In many cases of vertebral fractures, rest and pain medications may be suggested. Physical therapy to strengthen the spine may be used, or the individual may be placed into a back brace to help control the situation. If and when surgery to correct the issue is required, a kyphoplasty  may be performed.

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