DRG Stimulation

DRG stands for dorsal root ganglion, a bundle of nerves that is found on the inside of the spinal cord. These nerves have been shown to play a role in pain caused by CRPS Type 1 & Type 2.

DRG Stimulation involves a device that’s placed underneath the skin and in your spine. The device sends out small electrical impulses to the DRG, telling it to stop sending pain signals to your brain.

During the procedure, you’ll be put under light sedation so that you’re comfortable, though still awake. This is vital during the placement of the device, as you’ll need to communicate with the surgical team that the impulses are being felt where you’d normally feel pain. The device is placed via a small epidural needle, and when in place, connected to a battery that is also placed underneath your skin.

You will be given a controller that can adjust the level of impulses being sent out by the device. Many patients feel either a slight tingling instead of pain, or no pain at all following the procedure.

The dedicated staff at the Center for Spine & Pain Medicine will keep in close communication with you to assure the treatment continues to run smoothly, as well as provide detailed instructions on utilizing the device.

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